Integrity Supplies' Ethical Policy

Integrity Supplies is owned and managed by Christians who wish to conduct their business in a manner consistent with their Christian beliefs.


  1. We will act with integrity, honesty, truthfulness and fairness in the way our company is run and in our dealings with clients and customers.
  2. We will never knowingly trade with or represent a company engaged in
    • criminal activities;
    • bribery and corruption;
    • the unfair treatment of its employees;
    • human trafficking;
    • the manufacure or distribution of products injurious to health;
    • irresponsibility towards the environment.
  3. We will donate ten per cent of our net annual profits to charity.

Integrity Supplies is closely associated with Cambodian Communities out of Crisis (CCC), a UK-based registered charity that raises funds to help needy people in Cambodia, a country notorious for its killing fields, where at least 1.7 million people died under the brutal Khmer Rouge regime. Funds raised by CCC are used for:

  • supporting widows, orphans, the poor and the needy,
  • providing education and
  • helping to run football teams that keep young people out of the hands of drug pushers and criminal gangs

among other projects.